Pacific Rim : Uprising

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The rebel Jake Pentecost, once a promising pilot Jaeger whose legendary father gave his life to ensure the victory of man on the monstrous « Kaiju », decides to abandon his training, to find himself involved in the world of crime. But when an even more unstoppable threat threatens to bring down our cities and bring humanity to its knees, Sister Mako Mori, now leading a new and courageous generation of pilots raised in the shadow of war, gives Jake a last chance to prove himself up to the legacy left by his father. While seeking justice for the fallen, their only hope is to join forces in a global uprising against extinction. Jake will be joined by Lambert, a talented rival driver, and fifteen year-old Amara, a hacker from Jaeger. Rebelling to become the most powerful line of defense that has ever existed, they will head for a new, spectacular, gigantic adventure.

Année de production : 2018

Pays: US.

Durée : 01 h 51 min

Titre original: Pacific Rim: Uprising

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